World War 40k is a story driven world-wide Warhammer 40k campaign.


With new missions every month and an Apocalypse Battle Scenario every 5-6 weeks, you will never be lacking an exciting new way to play your games of Warhammer 40,000.

With the coming of the Cicatrix Maledictum, the forces of Chaos have spilled forth into the galaxy with ravenous fury. In some instances, the Imperium has managed to push back against this tide of infinite madness. In most, they are struggling just to hold on.

The planet Vastum is one such area. This system has been a thriving stronghold of the Imperium for centuries, providing war materiel and natural resources for the war effort in less fortunate parts of the galaxy. Still, the planet has provided for its own defense. Strongholds and fortified cities dot its landscape. A strong contingent of the Adeptus Mechanicus calls the world home, and a lesser household of Imperial Knights make their home in the Glara Spartha, a range of mountains in the cold reaches of the northernmost continent. Imperial Guard regiments regularly train here to prepare for cold weather environments, and the local PDF forces keep law and order amongst the populace. Despite their grueling work schedules, the citizens of Vastum are actually well-off by Imperial standards, living in spacious conditions across a series of open-air shrine cities.

Several neighboring systems have been completely ravaged by the Cicatrix Maledictum. Though Vastum as a whole hasn’t felt the predations of the Warp, they are close enough to be caught in the aftershock. Mortal followers of the Dark Gods have descended on the world, seeking to expand their hold into one more Imperial system. This could not have come at a worse time for the beleaguered planet, for a minor Ork Waaagh! has also found its way into the system. Myriad other races have made their presence known as well, vying to destroy or enslave the people and the resources of Vastum.

The Imperial Governor, Hermann von Schwikk, has issued a general call for aid from the wider Imperium. In the meantime, the forces under his command have entrenched themselves and started to shore up their already considerable presence. The Imperials cannot know how deep the enemy forces run, but they will defend their world to the last, in an attempt to keep pure that which has yet to be infected by the touch of the Warp.

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warhammer 40,000 campaign

The idea is simple, play the current missions, anytime, anywhere, report your results and play again!  There are NO points limits and there are NO restrictions to army composition.  Everything is allowed - Forge World, Codex, White Dwarf Rules, etc.  

Your Only limitations are what you and your opponent want to put on your own game!

The goal of our campaign is to encourage fun, casual games of Warhammer 40k and give you an awesome story-line background set in the 40k universe filled with goals and purpose in which to play your games!

World War 40k is a story line driven campaign that is affected by the results of every game played during each period of the current mission time.  The results of the current missions determine advantages and/or disadvantages for both sides during the next set of missions and culminate once a month in an Apocalyptic Mega Battle in which the results set the stage for the next month of missions.  Our own super-awesome sci-fi author Randall Madden keeps the missions and story line fresh every week and allows you to immerse yourself into the world of 40k while playing your games!

Games may be played anywhere, anytime using limitations set by you and your opponent.  Forge World rules & models, dataslates or whatever is 7th edition legal is yours to command at your own discretion.  No points limits (although some missions will work at 1000 points or more) and no age or experience level restrictions.  

Just play and have fun!!!

World - wide storyline campaignplay anytime, anywhere

The story so far...the battle for VASTRUM