The Worlds of the Nine

Kristal - Prime world of the Nine and seat of the local Governor. Hive World.

Lysia - Death World, Fortress Monastery for the Swords of Terra chapter of Space Marines

Kyra - Former maiden world and site of a portion of a crashed craftworld, now an Agri World for the Imperium.

Tyrae-Sigma 7 - Small forgeworld and holding of the Adeptus Mechanicus. Know to regular citizens as Tyrae.

The Lost Sister - 10th planet that was broken apart by some unknown force long ago and is now the Asteroid belt between the 5th and 6th planets of the system.

Jhaesa - Temperate and a rugged planet , home to House Khorval, a knightly household, and somewhere deeper in the mountains a dark secret from the Houses past.

Shaana - Mining world, supports a heavy industry.

Melvara - A contemplative world that was torn by strife during the Age of Apostasy and is the original home of the Sisters of the Blue Rose of the Adeptus Sororitas. Now it is a bitter warzone as several groups vie for control and the sisterhood still laying claim but unable to hold it for long.

Ghava - A world of mystery and some say haunted. The ruins of many Dark Age arcologies and settlements dot the landscape and attempts to reclaim the world or even live there have met with lost colonies, madness, and sometimes massacres by whatever now lives there and its gotten worse since the scar tore across the heavens. A battle barge of the Swords of Terra even witnessed it shift from this reality and fade out only to return moments later. It is considered off limits to normal traffic, but there have been several signs that Chaos forces have moved to claim it and they are as always followed by the Orks, looking for a good fight, and the Inquisition who seek to thwart them. Silver suited Space Marines have been sighted here and there on its moons.

Dhiri - The inhabitants of Dhiri are hardy folk and have been forced to become hardier since the world is barely able to sustain life, but is home to some crystals that can be used in weapons and other power cells and so several Imperial interests are there collecting them. Since the scar has opened...something awoke on the small world and has been harassing the miners there. Necrons awakening from their aeons of slumber now claim the world is theirs and they mean to see the humans and the other groups fighting for their crystals removed from the surface. A strange signal beamed into the void the night the scar opened and none have discovered where it was sent or what it could mean.


++/////>>>> Datastream active. Kristal Prime News feed begin ++

Hate! Hate! Hate! An emotion as pure as it is deep! Hate! Hate! Hate! Let it flow, let it run free! ++

Citizens of the Nine Worlds. Let it be known that the Emperor is with us in the form of his beloved Adeptus Sororitas! The fighting in Hab Sector Vitas 7 of Hive Shandus on Shaana grew to a fever pitch this week! As the forces of the Sororitas pushed back hard against the traitor legion of Magnus, the fiendish Primarch made himself manifest!!!!! Things looked grim as he unleashed his rage on the citizens and the Sororitas which had thwarted him victories, but a shining beacon streaked from the battle filled skies where the ships of the Imperial Navy fought against the ancient cruisers from the dark days of the Heresy. That light, dear citizens, was the holy light of Terra filling the form of Saint Celestine herself and her Geminae. Deliverance had come! She strode through the fighting in the streets and dealt terrible blows to the daemon Primarch and his minions before she discorporated the vile fiend back to his roiling chaos realm, but alas...our beloved saint was felled by a cowardly blow from one the hellish princes that served the Cyclops. The rest of the sisters bore her and her Geminae to safety and removed the rest of the hated foe at great cost. Reports are reaching this office that our beloved lady and her retainers have returned again by the Emperor’s grace and she now moves to lend her strength and the strength of the Emperor to other beleaguered troops. She will return to lead us to VICTORY!!!!

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Our thoughts light the Darkness that others may cross space. We are one with the Emperor, our souls are joined in his will. Praise the Emperor whose sacrifice is life as ours is death. Hail his name the Master of Humanity.

-extract ++

Citizens of the Nine Worlds. Let it be known that the Emperor is with us in the form of his beloved Adeptus Sororitas! Rubble from the fight in orbit continues to rain down on several Hive and Industrial structures. Watch the skies and believe in the Emperor’s faith! The Magos Prime of Shaana responded to unexpected fluctuations in the regulator matrix of Industrial Sub Sector Vitas D9 only to find the vile corruption of the Genestealer cults masquerading as workers and miners. The response was quick and brutal with a mighty first strike but the tide turned against the scions of the Omnissiah and their binaric signals have gone dark. Loyal citizens beware. The Mutant, The Xenos, and the tainted move among you. Stay vigilant and beware the alien and its lies. Forward to Victory!

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Campaign event: Orbital Debris, Page 127 for details on how to incorporate this event if you are following the store campaign.

The story so far : DIRECT FROM THE DICEHEAD.COM MONDAY NIGHT TWITCH SHOWSThe Nine Worlds of Castellum Vastus

Report from Monday 2.25.19

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My will be done -page 1 ++

Citizens of the Nine Worlds. The Xenos threat hit an all time high when the vile Xenos threatened the very foundations of Imperial infrastructure this week. The Mechanicum responded in kind with their own fury, A Knight of the Quaestor Mechanicus, The Blessed Omicron Theta. The Beast flanked by its two Armiger companions sallied forth to deal woe upon the Cult and its ilk as they set about to blow up blessed machinery. The mechanicum managed to secure some of the consoles but the wily Cult laid waste to most of the superstructure before vanishing back into the shadows. A larger force moves to retake the sector and flush out the vile beasts. We will persevere! Forward to Victory!!!

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Campaign event: Orbital Debris, Page 127 for details on how to incorporate this event if you are following the store campaign.


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Even a man who has nothing can still offer his life. ++

Citizens of the Nine Worlds. Let it be known that the Emperor is with us in the form of his beloved Adeptus Sororitas! The Sororitas were spotted trying to acquire the remains of holy relics and supplies for the war effort when they were set upon by the traitor legion of sorcerers again. This time the vile chaos worshippers were destroying supplies and burning the holy relics of the sisterhood. They sisters managed to break through and stave off the forces of Ahriman, a prize was claimed in the end, but the fighting was heavy and brutal.

Praise the Emperor! We will fight and we will WIN!!!!

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If your battle plan's working, it's probably a trap. -"On Military Matters," 739.M41 ++

Citizens of the Nine Worlds. Traitors and vile Xenos flow from the depths of Hive Theros and have dealt a serious blow to the forces of the Adeptus Mechanicus. Bloodied but not beaten they have moved forward with an initiative to cleanse the underhive of these vile cults that have made home of the gantries and machines that keep our cities alive. The strike force sent below has returned with only Psi Sigma 9 and her entourage of Rangers to report the savage blow visited upon them from the Cult. She has enlisted further aid and rebuilt a force to end the threat once and for all! Forward to Victory! ++/////>>>>

Datastream active. Kristal Prime News feed end

Campaign event: Orbital Debris, Page 127 for details on how to incorporate this event if you are following the store campaign

Report from Monday 3.4.19

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++ One cannot consider the fate of a single man, nor ten, nor a thousand. Billions will live or die by our actions here, and we have not the luxury to count the cost. ++

Landing zone Theta Seven was overrun by greenskins this week. They were on a path to intercept the remains of one of the Emperor’s warships that had fallen to earth from the heavy orbital fighting. They came screaming with big guns roaring to sweep down on the remains of a settlement. They were met by a task force of Gulliman’s own Angels of Death, the Ultramarines. They moved in and formed a bulwark against the green tide. Their sacrifices held the line long enough for them to clear a zone and take possession of the data core of the warship and return the machine spirit to the Mechanicum. We will persevere! Praise be to the Emperor of Mankind! Forward to Victory!!!

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Campaign event: Orbital Bombardment, Page 127 for details on how to incorporate this event if you are following the store campaign.

Report from Monday 4.8.19

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++ If your battle plan's working, it's probably a trap. -"On Military Matters," 739.M41 ++

Heavy fighting this week as they greenskins tear through the warzone on Shaana and the brave forces of the Emperor strike at them to keep the much needed war supplies in Imperial hands. Praise the Emperor! After deep fighting in the sector the brave Astartes have taken back the materiel from the hands of the filthy Xenos. A larger shadow looms on the horizon as dominance is sought in this conflict and the forces of the God-Emperor will prevail! We will persevere! Praise be to the Emperor of Mankind! Forward to Victory!!! 

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Campaign event: Bolstered Ranks.Page 127 for details on how to incorporate this event if you are following the store campaign.

The Nine Worlds of Castellum Vastus

The Dramatis Personae

The Nine Worlds, sometimes known as the Nine Sisters or the Silent Sisters are part of sub sector Lhasus in the Segmentum Obscurus and is cut off by the Cicatrix Maleficarum. Inside War Zone Stygia, it is seeing a lot of traffic from the heavy fighting there. Before the scar and before the war, it was home to several key assets to the Imperium, including an Agri-World, A smaller Forge World, Mining interests on a couple of the planets and the asteroid field known as the Lost Sister. One death world in the system was a training facility for the local Chapter of Space Marines known as the Swords of Terra.

            Since the War Zone is burning its way across the region, the Nine Worlds have been the staging ground for a secret ritual under the direction of the Sorcerer Phosis T’kar of the Thousand Sons. The symmetry of Nine Worlds and the arcane background of the system lends itself to the power of the ritual and a hidden temple to the Ruinous powers that has lain dormant on the death world Lysis also feeds the spells of the Sorcerers as they work Magnus’ will in the zone.

            Orks, ever drawn to carnage and conflict, have arrived and started attacks on several of the planets. One of their number is coordinating the attacks through subtle manipulations of the clans and is rumoured in hushed whispers amongst the warbosses as Orkimedies from the Armageddon conflict. “He who haz da know-wots” is all that the orks will name him. He is cunning and has a plan, no one knows what, but ork clans and warbosses are working together under the biggest of them all Warboss Gnarl-gitz and Orkimedies has his ear.

            Eldar in the region are working to recover lost items from their former empire before the zone is over ran and burned to ash. Several Maiden Worlds have been attacked and they are trying to make their way off world or are stubbornly refusing to leave the worlds they call theirs. Also Anaeriel Starwander, a farseer of Alaitoc, has read the runes and knows that Chaos has laid a plan to unleash something terrible on reality and the Nine Worlds have something to do with it. She even suspects that something from the maiden world of Isha-noriel, known to the monkeigh as Kyria, holds the remnants of a crashed craftworld and may hold lost secrets that could empower their rituals. She is working with some craftworlds to thwart the servants of the dark gods as much as possible and beat them to the wreck.

            The Imperium calls these worlds home now and they can be found everywhere. The mechanicum have a presence in the Nine Worlds on the planet Tyrae, designate Tyrae-Sigma 7 to them. It does some machines of war and other basic war materiel. The Swords of Terra are a successor chapter of Imperial Fists that maintain a Fortress Monastery over the world of Lysia where they uplift the tribes that live there as new recruits, and send the scouts to train in the deep forests there to combat the beasts that roam them. A small group of the SIsters of the Blue Rose have a chapel on the prime world of Kristal near the governor’s palace. The local Imperial Guard here were all but decimated when the first attacks and the scar formed. The Kristal 357th “Diamondback Fangs” are so small in number they barely have enough to man the defenses of the system itself. Displaced Cadians of the 432nd “Guard Issue” Joes have settled into the system and are helping reinforce and police the area as needed. A knightly house rules Jhaesa, another temperate world in the Nine and maintains good ties with the forgeworld, though not fully mechanicum aligned, they do honour their oaths from ages past to them and help when they can. House Khorval is known to be honourable and a loyal servant to the Imperium despite a dark past where one of the brothers turned to the worship of Chaos and was put down.

            Chaos has ran wild through the region due to an influx from the scar and from the local manipulation by the Thousand Sons. Besides the legion of sorcerers, many other warbands have come including both the Black Legion and Emperor’s Children, and where they are the sons of Mortarion are not far behind. Emissaries from Abaddon have also been seen across random sites around the warzone and sometimes in opposition to the Thousand Sons, no one is sure of what is going on and even the Thousand Sons seem a bit unsure. Mortarion schemes quietly against the Sons for Magnus’ trickery in the Fenris system, and has been delving into something on the death world where the Swords train their new recruits. Daemons have sprung up all over the zone and plague all of its citizens. A daemon herald has risen to prominence and has gathered several of its kin together to further break apart the will of the Imperials, he has yet to show his full hand, but as always they act as they were fashioned and to their own ends.


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++ Thought for the day: It is better to die for the Emperor than live for yourself. ++ 

 Citizens of the Nine Worlds. Let it be known that the Emperor is with us in the form of his beloved Adeptus Sororitas! 

      As the war continues from the Indomitus campaign led by the Emperor’s most beloved son Robute Guilliman, we are reminded that the Emperor protects as a force of the hated traitor legion known as the Thousand Sons laid siege to the mining world of Shaana and made to attack the convoy leading the newly ordained canoness of the abbey there.

      The roar of a hideous beast split the air and was silenced by the forces of the Sororitas and the convoy broke through the vile sorcerers trap to see the canoness safely delivered along with the relics that had been saved from the Abbey of Tora Nastra.

      The abbey was destroyed by what can only be called an uprising by the local guard unit there...horribly twisted by the plaguefather. The whole sector was under the effects of a terrible contagion and was abandoned when they shrieking fiends lay siege to the abbey.

      Praise the Emperor! We will fight and we will WIN!!!! 

++/////>>>> Datastream active. Kristal Prime News feed end 

The story so far...The Nine Worlds of Castellum Vastus

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