warhammer 40,000 campaign

The idea is simple, play the current missions, anytime, anywhere, report your results and play again!  There are NO points limits and there are NO restrictions to army composition.  Everything is allowed - Forge World, Codex, White Dwarf Rules, etc.  

Your Only limitations are what you and your opponent want to put on your own game!

The goal of our campaign is to encourage fun, casual games of Warhammer 40k and give you an awesome story-line background set in the 40k universe filled with goals and purpose in which to play your games!

World War 40k is a story line driven campaign that is affected by the results of every game played during each period of the current mission time.  The results of the current missions determine advantages and/or disadvantages for both sides during the next set of missions and culminate once a month in an Apocalyptic Mega Battle in which the results set the stage for the next month of missions.  Our own super-awesome sci-fi author Randall Madden keeps the missions and story line fresh every week and allows you to immerse yourself into the world of 40k while playing your games!

Games may be played anywhere, anytime using limitations set by you and your opponent.  Forge World rules & models, dataslates or whatever is 7th edition legal is yours to command at your own discretion.  No points limits (although some missions will work at 1000 points or more) and no age or experience level restrictions.  

Just play and have fun!!!

Arenam Datalog 008.0010.2016

 Over the many thousands of years that Humanity has plied the stars, secrets have been discovered and they have been lost. One of the grandest secrets was the forge world of Arenam.

During the Dark Age of Technology, technological masters plied their trade with impunity, uncaring what methods were required to reach the end result they cherished. It didn’t matter how many cities were destroyed, or how many innocent people lost their lives. They lusted for more power, and it would be so, no matter the cost. Arenam became a nightmare for its inhabitants, as they were hunted as fresh gristle for the endless machinations of their cruel overlords.

Then, mercifully, the planet disappeared, sucked into the depths of a Warp storm that lasted for thousands of years. When the death of the Eldar race brought stability to large sections of the Warp, it remained a raging inferno in the forgotten sector that once housed the terror-filled world of Arenam.

Now, the storm is dying out, and Arenam has been spotted in the night sky once more. The forces of Mars are mobilizing to reclaim this lost source of unfathomable power, but they are not alone. Across the width of the galaxy, alien empires are striking out to test their own strength in the crucible of Arenam. The wealth that waits can only be guessed at by fragments of techno-codices that survived the millennia locked away on forge worlds and in alien sanctuaries. Through these scraps, the forces of the galaxy hope to turn the monstrosity of Arenam’s technological secrets to their own ends.

However, they must beware. Arenam has been lost within the Warp for a very long time, and there is no telling what has changed during those fateful years…


The Battle for Arenam Chapter I

From the techno-rantings of Magi Lochester Vall

…a time is coming when man will no longer tread upon the feet the gods gave him. In the glorious age to come, when his enemies fall like wheat before the scythe, Mankind will take up arms and send himself to battle with a whisper, like the last sigh of a dying man. In those days, the peal of thunder and artificial lightning will signify Humanity’s last triumph over the forces that surround him.

Readings have been odd with these systems, but nominal function will come, given enough trial and error. The lessers will bleed for our ascendance, and before the end comes they will thank us for the privilege of being one so fortunate, in a time when Mankind comes to rule over the very forces of nature themselves.

The Wilderness of Arenam 

Planetfall has been made, and the races of the galaxy find Arenam with little life to offer. The most stubborn of flora have endured their time in the Warp, though there is no way to catalogue them against preexisting strands of their DNA. It is beyond doubt that the Warp’s touch will have changed them, but as of yet the effect this has had on the planet is unknown.

Initial drop sites have been located around the ancient teleporter arrays that dot the landscape. Despite their age, they are still humming with barely contained power. Many races seek to harness this power for their own, but others seek to turn the teleporters themselves to their own nefarious ends. The sound of gunfire and explosions now fills the sky, as the races begin their quest for dominance over these massive sources of power.

The Battle for Arenam Chapter II (ADDED 10-7-16)

War has truly come to Arenam, as can be seen by the floating wrecks that dot its upper atmosphere. As the battle continues on the ground below, flaming wreckage falls like portents of ill, but the combatants pay these burning effigies no mind. They are too busy with the task of winning Arenam’s bountiful treasures. Day and night the gunfire continues, rattling against the ancient edifices of technological marvel that spread across the planet’s surface. 

In the early days, factions started to form, as the intentions of each race became evident. The forces of the Imperium have come for their own individual reasons, but they all seek to restore the planet of Arenam to Humanity’s fold, no matter the cost. These Forces of Reclamation make their own inroads, as attempts are made to capture the lost archeotech. 

The Forces of Destruction have quite a different goal in mind. Though their individual reasons are as various as their methods, their reason for being on Arenam is simple. If they are allowed to achieve their ends, Arenam will be destroyed utterly before it is done.

Finally, there are the Forces of Invasion. These xenos factions seek to undermine the stability the Imperium is attempting to bring, while also fighting off those who would see Arenam destroyed. 

Many among these factions still war with one another, but their goals are broadly similar. In the coming days, there is no doubt that Arenam will continue to burn as power is established across its war-scarred surface.

 The Battle for Arenam Chapter III (ADDED 11-18-16)

The opening months of the campaign for Arenam have seen much blood spilt in the pursuit of landing field control. Faction after faction has poured into the arctic reaches of the north, attempting to overrun these zones. This continual slaughter drew the attention of a warband of Demons, braying the name of Khorne as they came. Most of the landing fields fell under their barbaric assault, leaving enemy forces reeling or slaughtered. A handful of the pads still belong to the Forces of Invasion, but the vast majority of them have been lost to the predations of Chaos.

The Battle for Arenam Chapter IV (ADDED 1-13-17)

The battle continues on the surface of Arenam with both sides fighting in futility, neither being able to make any breakthroughs in this bloody campaign.  The battle for the landing pads rage on and are key positions to be won in the battle of Arenam!

The Battle for Arenam Chapter V (ADDED 2-11-17)

The battle continues on the surface of Arenam with both sides continuing to fight in futility, neither side has still to make any breakthroughs in this bloody campaign.  Both sides press on, as the tide must turn and the day must be won!

The Battle for Arenam Chapter VI (ADDED 3-13-17)

As the war across Arenam enters yet another month of grueling conflict, the battlefields are beginning to stabilize, with certain factions coming out ahead in their technological gains. Chief among them are the Eldar and the Orks, who have made excellent use of the teleportation technologies located on Arenam to continue their warfare for their own unfathomable purposes. In addition, the Necrons that have made planetfall are currently consolidating their holds upon the primary cities of the world. While the purpose of their actions is largely unknown, they are fighting a continual battle with Orks that have managed to slip beneath their notice and into the tunnels beneath the cities. Each day war breaks out anew as the Necrons fight to eradicate their pesky and resilient foes.

The Imperial forces have suffered serious setbacks in their attempts to reclaim the ancient technologies on Arenam, but they have hung in with the stubborn tenacity the Imperium is famed for. Their battle continues as they drive against the enemy, in an attempt to bring them to heel.

The forces of Chaos have also made significant headway on the planet, though their success has been thus far overshadowed by the xenos races doing battle with them. This is better for everyone else, as it seems the Chaos invaders are bent upon the utter destruction of the world. So far, the locales they have captured have been turned into abbatoirs, darkened chapels for worship of their obscene deities, or simply snuffed out of existence. War against them is a war against inevitable destruction. Thus far the other races have managed to keep them from accomplishing their goals, but only just. If they could unite against Chaos they might find the strength to overwhelm them and drive them away, but their factional differences simply run too deep to be set aside, even in the name of a common adversary.

For the foreseeable future, Arenam will continue to burn.

World War 40k is a story driven world-wide Warhammer 40k campaign.


With new missions every month and an Apocalypse Battle Scenario every 5-6 weeks, you will never be lacking an exciting new way to play your games of Warhammer 40,000.

World - wide storyline campaignplay anytime, anywhere

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The story so far...the battle for Arenam